Preservation Projects Details

Museum And Visitor Center

Last Updated on 11/07/2010

The Foundation’s Campaign to Preserve Gettysburg, included construction of the new Museum and Visitor Center in partnership with the National Park Service:

  • 139,000-square-foot building that opened in April 2008 and includes visitor amenities such as expanded parking, orientation programs, the Refreshment Saloon and a bookstore.
  • Environmentally considerate building uses geothermal technology to conserve precious resources.
  • Project includes Cyclorama painting conservation—the largest project of its kind ever undertaking in North America—that preserves this important piece of American history.
  • Facility includes exhibit and storage space for Gettysburg National Military Park’s extensive archival and museum collection, which includes important tangible links between current and future generations and past generations.
  • Facility includes theater experiences to help modern visitors understand the importance of Gettysburg.
  • Exhibits and film place Gettysburg within the larger context of the Civil War and American history.